Alliance Town Center

Health and Wellness

At Alliance Town Center, we understand health and wellness is essential for a thriving community. Experience the conveniences of a health-inspired community hub with connecting trails throughout to the office spaces, retail shopping and living. With high-quality medical options including full-service hospitals, emergency rooms, and fitness centers, Alliance Town Center is dedicated to providing our community a pathway to health and wellness.


  • Integrated Hospital &
    Wellness Facilities

  • Walking &
    Biking Trails

  • Care for All

  • Health & Wellness

  • Family-Friendly

With a mission of improving the health of the people in the communities they serve, Texas Health Alliance and the physicians on its medical staff are committed to your well-being and the health and wellness of your family.

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Medical City Alliance offers world class health care with a personalized approach where patients are ensured access to leading medical specialists and advanced healthcare innovations across the Medical City-HCA North Texas network.

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Cook Children's Health Care System embraces an inspiring Promise – to improve the health of every child in our region through the prevention and treatment of illness, disease and injury.

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Parkway Surgical & Cardiovascular Hospital is a modern and welcoming facility focused on minimally invasive spine, cardiac and vascular surgery – services that were not available in the region until now.

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Enjoy peace of mind having the ALLIANCE TOWN CENTER MEDICAL DISTRICT 

right in your backyard. 

Master Planned and Developed by:

9550 Sage Meadow Trail
Fort Worth, TX 76177