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An Unlikely Friendship

  3/24/2020 4:50:25 PM

An Unlikely Friendship
Please do not approach the animals or attempt to pet them, viewing and photos from a safe distance are encouraged

“Is that a deer over there?” “Where?” “In the pasture, see her white tail?” “Behind the black and white longhorn?”


Early this year we spotted a new friend hanging around in one of the pastures at Alliance Town Center.  In addition to the two longhorns that have become a staple in our neck of the woods, there was a sweet doe making her presence known.  We lovingly bestowed the nickname Cami, as she was often camouflaged and so hard to spot.  It was clear after a couple of weeks that she had no plan to leave. 


In the beginning, she was very hesitant to get too close to the longhorns, keeping a comfortable distance while observing their every move.  We watched her inch her way closer, day after day, trying to get to know them better. We started to wonder what her story was; where did she come from?  why is she alone? why would this tiny deer want to hang out with these big guys? was she in need of a family and a place to call home? 


We will never know her story, or why she chose to adopt the longhorns.  But we know we have the most unlikely little family hanging out at Alliance Town Center, having the best time! This family is attracting all of you too. We have watched as countless cars and walkers stop to gaze at them and take a photo. They are inspiring us, opening up our hearts and giving us hope.


In these times of social distancing and fear, let’s not forget to love one another and be brave. Just like the longhorn and the doe.  Things will get better in time, if you just keep pushing forward and trying your best.  Accept one another, be patient, and know that things will be ok.  Sometimes unlikely, unheard of things happen, but just wait.  Beauty can come from places of uncertainty, and just like Cami, you have to remain hopeful and keep the faith.


If you are looking for something fun to do, drive by and see if you can spot Cami and her longhorn friends.  They are located at the southeast corner of Hillwood Parkway and Amador Drive. Use the parking lot at Bluestem Park and look to the pasture on the east side of Hillwood Parkway.  Share pictures of your visit, and maybe some positive words of encouragement for your fellow neighbors and friends!  Let’s spread the light again. 

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