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Helpful Holiday Tips from Total Wine & More

  11/15/2017 8:57:49 PM

Helpful Holiday Tips from Total Wine & More
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Welcome to the neighborhood, Total Wine!


Total Wine & More is the country’s largest independent retailer of wines, spirits, beers. While it can be a little overwhelming to choose from over 8,000 wines, 3,000 spirits and 2,500 beers, their store experts are committed to helping you find the best bottles (or cans) at the perfect price!


Since it’s the holiday season, Total Wine is sharing helpful hints to make your party planning and gift shopping fun and easy. They also offer free weekly tastings so you can sample first, and find the wines that you and your guests will love.




No worries! They’ve picked the top wines to pair with your celebration. Be sure to have a bubbly on hand.




When beer and food are paired properly, everything is tastier! They’ll help you discover the best beers to combine with winter’s seasonal foods.




Starting the party with a cheese plate? These bright white wines are just the right pairing for mild, creamy cheeses.




Keep it simple with a versatile, medium-bodied Pinot Noir! Hints of spice complement the savory flavors on your table, and juicy, red-fruit flavors enhance sweet sides like cranberries and sweet potatoes.




Select a red wine that will match the intensity of beef’s savory flavors. Choose from elegant Old World versions or bold California reds.




Bring on the pies! Holiday desserts pair perfectly with honey-textured, sweet white wines and rich, nutty fortified wines.


If wine isn’t your thing, they also have Christmas-themed beers and holiday cocktail recipes for you to try.


Total Wine’s wide assortment of accessories also include great gifts for any occasion. They have glasses, wine bottle gift bags, koozies, snacks, and much more! Whether it’s a holiday celebration, housewarming, wedding, wine club meeting or just a fun night out, Total Wine has all of your party goods at great prices.


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