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Summer Water Safety Tips

  6/9/2017 8:30:18 PM

Summer Water Safety Tips

With the hot Texas summer ramping up, our friends at Cook’s Children’s Medical Center want to share some steps to summertime safety.  Texas ranks #1 nationally for pool-related child drownings and these simple steps will help ensure that your children have both a safe and fun time at the pool.

  • Power down! Spending less time looking at your phone and more time watching your kids, especially while they’re in the pool, can be beneficial to the whole family.
  • Safety first! Ensure your kids are outfitted with the proper lifesaving devices by always using a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest.  A good rule of thumb: not all wearable “floaties” are approved as a lifesaving device.
  • Fences aren’t just for your pets! It’s estimated that 50%-90% of childhood pool drownings could be prevented by installing four-sided fences with self-latching gates around the pool.
  • Make swim lessons a family affair! Parents, not just kids, need to know how to swim. Even the most experienced swimmers can be susceptible to water-related incidents. One perk of teaching your kids how to swim? Studies show that children under the age of four who receive formal swimming lessons are 88% less likely to drown.
  • Make it a group effort! If you have multiple adults at a social gathering, take 15-minute shifts watching the kids swim. During this time, the adult on duty should not be distracted by conversations, books or cell phones. Shifts allow everyone to enjoy the festivities while also keeping young swimmers safe.
  • Always be an arm’s length away! If your child does not know how to swim, always stay close enough to make eye contact with them. Outfitting your non-swimmer with “floaties” may not be enough to ensure their safety in the water when you’re not around.
  • CPR saves lives! Performing CPR can be the difference between life and death. CPR certification programs are a relatively quick and readily available way to ensure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

All it takes to be a life saver is to be alert and aware of you and your child’s surroundings. Conditions while swimming can change in an instant. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that summer vacation will be fun and safe for everyone.

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