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The Symphony of Bluestem Park

  4/12/2017 8:51:04 PM

The Symphony of Bluestem Park

Listening to music, you can experience a wide variety of possibilities - all of which may cover your mood. Whether you choose a catchy top 40 with a new rhythm or a classic masterpiece from centuries ago, music is written and performed in a way that is intended to engage the listener’s ears and emotions. Landscapes are much the same way - as they are created to engage your senses and emotions. With music and landscapes, the engagement of your senses all depends on how well things are coordinated behind the scenes.

To maximize a native program with an aesthetic appeal, the same orchestration must be done with Bluestem Park as with a great symphony. While the emotions of music can be driven by dynamics directed by a conductor, in a landscape, nature plays a primary role by keeping tempo with changing seasons marked by afternoon spring thunderstorms, hot dry summers to icy cold winter days. The job of Alliance Landscape Company at Bluestem is to work with nature as a conductor, reading its changes in tempo and emotional expressions to maximize your experience and the landscape’s performance. Where colorful appeal is needed, they tame back late successional plants to give vibrant hued pioneers a chance to put on a show each year. While many traditional landscapes require a great deal of water and fertilizer to keep plants lush green all year, Alliance Landscape relies more upon what nature provides. The reward is not only less strain on our region’s resources, but we’re provided with an extended beauty given by its array of color and complex textures that change throughout the year, just as different movements within a symphony provide.

Last month during March, the landscape began emerging from winter dormancy with tall grasses that have been cutback. Like woodwind instruments, wildflowers began to show some color and were ready for a show. During this month of April the green of the park is now apparent. Bluebonnets are now on full display and visitors begin to noticeably increase in numbers. Next month, during May, nature’s symphony will reach a full crescendo as the calendar flips. Just as powerful thunderstorms make their overture, the spring wildflower season will hit a peak with a dramatic display of Indian Blankets. While these flowers offer their prime beauty, they will actually be near the end of their lifecycle, with a hot Texas summer on its way.

Witness our symphonic illustration this spring by heading to Bluestem Park where you’ll find a vibrant display of wildflowers. A great reward for the Alliance Landscape crew is to see all the visitor enjoying the natural landscape.

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